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How we provide you an accurate and convenient janitorial cleaning quote?

How we provide accurate cleaning quotes

You have likely been asked quite a lot: “can we give you a quote for cleaning services” and depending on your needs at the time you may or may not have any interest, but what exactly is involved in getting a quote for janitorial services? What the bid process usually looks like We have experience… View Articlemore

How are janitorial cleaning services priced?

How are janitorial services priced?

When gathering quotes you may see some prices that are quite a bit different from other quotes or the amount you are paying for janitorial services at the moment. When trying to understand why one price is different than others this guide will be helpful in understanding how the commercial cleaning company arrived at that… View Articlemore

Afraid to give keys to your office cleaning company?

Afraid to give keys to your janitorial service company?

It’s perfectly reasonable to be cautious when asked to give janitorial service providers the keys to your office or facility. We don’t blame anyone for leaning towards caution, but there are several reasons to trust in a great organization like Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Tampa and Orlando. Background checks are very helpful You want to… View Articlemore

Low price janitorial cleaning usually means low quality

The lowest janitorial service quote might not be the best one

It is very easy to look at janitorial services as the exact same. The only difference is price right? You want a lower price? But do you want better service? Often the issue with your current cleaning company’s quality has something to do with the price you are paying. Just something to consider.  It’s not… View Articlemore

Providing janitorial services in Orlando and all surrounding areas

Proudly Serving Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Lake Counties

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Providing janitorial cleaning services in Tampa and all surrounding areas

Proudly Serving Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, and Pasco Counties

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Industries we serve

Industries We Serve

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Tampa & Orlando janitorial businesses have provided excellent services to any and all industries. We’ve been in business since 2002 and have over 150 janitorial businesses we work with, so it is very likely we have extensive experience servicing any type of facility you have. Medical or healthcare cleaning requires special… View Articlemore

How to start a commercial cleaning company

How to start a janitorial cleaning company

It is so important to understand what’s really important in the janitorial cleaning industry. That is the customer is always right. Most people say this, but you need to live it everyday in order to keep your customers happy and sticking around. Finding new customers is hard It’s true everyone needs cleaning, and that is… View Articlemore

How do I find new janitorial cleaning customers?

How do you find new customers for your janitorial cleaning business?

Finding new janitorial cleaning customers can be very difficult, so here are a few tips and best practices to help you grow your business. Referrals from happy customers If you are doing a great job cleaning for your current customers and you have excellent communication it is a great idea to ask for referrals.  They… View Articlemore

How to grow your cleaning business

Best ways to grow your commercial cleaning business

After you gain momentum you can see how good it is owning your own janitorial cleaning business.  So what is the best way to grow your business?  Here are a few places we would suggest you consider to help you grow. Add new services like floor cleaning If you can purchase floor machines like auto… View Articlemore

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