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Important factors that affect janitorial pricing

Every office and facility is unique.  Each deserves a custom quote based on many factors, so make sure you discuss your cleaning needs with the cleaning company you choose to work with.

How we provide accurate cleaning quotes

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Cheap janitorial services might not be the best

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What’s in a commercial cleaning quote?

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It is very easy to look at janitorial services as the exact same. The only difference is price right?

You want a lower price? But do you want better service?

Often the issue with your current cleaning company’s quality has something to do with the price you are paying. Just something to consider.  It’s not always the case, but consider the actual cleaner’s point of view.  If they can get more pay for the same services with other customers then why would they spend their time in a lower paying account.

Reasonable and competitive prices

When you choose from a variety of options on anything the lowest cost option is usually not the best.  Even in commodity businesses you still have the communication and interaction with staff members, so you are paying for more than just the cleaning.  We aren’t suggesting that you over pay, but just consider that office cleaning is like everything else, you get what you pay for.

You have likely been asked quite a lot: “can we give you a quote for cleaning services” and depending on your needs at the time you may or may not have any interest, but what exactly is involved in getting a quote for janitorial services?

What the bid process usually looks like

We have experience servicing any industry you can think of, and the most important part of the process, for us, is to make sure we understand your specific needs, and get physical details about your facility.

Discovery conversations about your cleaning needs

Pricing is based on your square footage, number of times you would like cleaning every week, type of facility (ex: medical, school, etc), type of floors (ex: carpet, tile, wood, etc), number of restrooms, and several other factors. While cleaning may seem very simple is it very important to get on the same page about the details and frequency or you might be thinking something very different than the salesperson who creates a price for cleaning your facility.

Going the extra mile usually leads to better understanding

If the price reflects a different set of services there is likely to be negative surprises down the road which makes the situation unpleasant. Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Tampa & Orlando makes extra effort to get everyone on the same page to prevent these unpleasant situations.