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We support commercial cleaning companies

Our franchisees benefit from our nationally trusted brand name as well as our excellent sales and marketing efforts.  Our goal is to help good commercial cleaning companies become great.

A nationally recognized and respected name in the janitorial industry since 1984.  Vanguard Cleaning Systems operates in over 60 regions across both the United States and Canada.  Few brands in the commercial cleaning industry have earned the same level of respect, credibility, and trust that Vanguard Cleaning Systems has earned.  Being a franchisee of ours allows you to benefit from the trust our name has earned.

One of the most time consuming and expensive aspects of the commercial cleaning industry is finding new customers.  Everyone needs cleaning, but most of the customers you would want are being contacted by dozens of commercial cleaning companies.  So being able to stand out and gain new customers can be the most challenging aspect of growing your business.

Every business owner is at a different stage of their journey, and we are here to help support you with whatever you need to grow.  Our staff has over 100 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, and if you want help we can offer our suggestions around:

Best ways to attract new employees
Learn how to manage team cleaning
Payroll/insurance/workers comp
Floor cleaning
Improving cleaning speeds
Improving communication with your customers
Equipment suggestions
Chemical suggestions

If you have worked in the commercial cleaning industry then you have had to deal with payment terms such as net-45 to even net-90.  This can make it difficult to hire and pay employees for a small business. Not to mention some customers can pay late, and spending time to collect payment pulls you away from your cleaning business.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work there are difficult conversations that need to happen with your customers.  Having an advocate to help protect your time and effort is always a good thing.  We take pride in supporting our franchisees through difficult conversations and arriving at a solution that works for everyone.

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