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Relevant experience cleaning facilities like yours

Nothing beats experience.  Without first hand knowledge of your specific cleaning needs, janitorial cleaning companies are figuring things out as they go.

Managing a medical office or facility is challenging, and making sure everything is clean is up there at the top of the list.  You don’t want your patients to look around in the waiting area or in exam rooms at dirty floors or dingy baseboards.

What should I look for in a medical cleaning company?

The very basics begin with making sure the cleaning company you choose has experience cleaning medical facilities.  You don’t want to be a cleaning company’s first medical customer.  Your patients will notice.

How can I tell if they actually have medical cleaning experience?

The questions they ask, or don’t ask, can be very revealing. If they aren’t asking questions about the number of exam rooms, or if you have any special type of needs in an operating or procedure room then you should consider other options.

The most important detail is always their customer service process

You should always make sure you understand what their communication or problem solving process is like.  If they do not demonstrate excellent communication or customer service skills then you will likely struggle when trying to fix issues. 

Dealership cleaning needs experienced cleaners

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Tips for choosing a school cleaning company

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What you should know about church cleaning

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Unlike normal office cleaning, dealerships require a lot more window cleaning and usually have high shine showroom floors that need an experienced cleaner to look ready for customers.

Large facilities cleaned every night require high level cleaning experience

Few cleaning companies are mentally prepared to clean in the middle of the night every night of the week.  Even fewer are capable of large facilities, and even fewer still can handle the unique requirements of a dealership.

That’s why experience and equipment are the bare minimum

Larger dealerships should require that any cleaning company they choose already have dealership cleaning experience, and come in with auto scrubbers or floor machines.  Otherwise you are paying for cleaners to spend longer than they need to using a mop and bucket which usually isn’t as good a machine.  

There are few places as sensitive and delicate as schools when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting.  We need to protect our children and keep them safe.  That’s why it’s so important you choose a janitorial cleaning company with school cleaning experience.

School cleaning is very different from normal office cleaning

You may come across experienced office cleaning companies with no experience cleaning schools.  You don’t need to just run away, but you should have detailed conversations about their plan and how they might keep your schools clean.  If they don’t present a reliable impression it might be a good idea to find someone else.

Every school is different

Daycares are very different from elementary schools which are very different from colleges.  Especially with the younger children it’s worth holding out for someone with relevant experience. 

It mostly comes down to communication

Just like everything else, you want to have open communication.  When issues come up or details need to be addressed can you have a talk with your cleaners without them getting defensive?  More importantly do you see improvement that lasts?

Cleaning churches and places of worship is quite different from other facilities.  Many have full-time schools while others have classrooms being used during worship only.  How do you know the cleaning company you choose is ready to handle your unique cleaning needs?

It starts with understanding your unique usage

By first looking at how your church is used every week you can communicate a custom cleaning schedule that works.  Is your facility only used Wednesdays and Sundays, or do you have regular meetings most days of the week? 

Communicate your usage with the cleaning companies you are considering

If the cleaning companies you speak with are not asking about your specific usage and cleaning needs then you might want to consider other options.  No two churches are the same, so how could a cleaning company fully understand your needs without a detailed conversation?

Look for experience in churches and schools

Since most churches at least have classrooms for children during worship there are unique cleaning details that require experience.  Not to mention sanctuaries and other high traffic multi-purpose rooms commonly found in churches.  Your cleaning company should have a good plan for these cleaning needs based on experience. 

Read what our customers have to say about us

Google Review

We've been using Vanguard daily for about 8 months and have not had a single complaint. We've had large requests from new-move-in clean ups down to daily maintenance of a 6000+ sq foot office building. They take care of supplies, reminding us when we need things, and are timely with messages and invoicing. They are friendly, trustworthy, and think of everything for us. Would highly recommend for anyone considering a cleaning service.

Misti ferris

Google Review

This company has really proven how professional and courteous they can be. Jesus and Paula have been a pleasure to have in the company. Not only do they do an excellent job but the are so familiar with employees here and really made a good impression on anyone. They are a pleasure to work with!

Justin Graham

Google Review

Working with VCS past 2 years. Have been flexible working with our office and adapting to our cleaning days.

Michael Carey

Google Review

Always are professional and do a great job. Customer service and results are top notch!

Sara Martin

Google Review

Vanguard has been Servicing my new office for last year. Everything has been a breeze from invoicing to the professional cleaners!! Thanks Vanguard!

Dani Stephens

Google Review

Vanguard Cleaning Systems staff is the best I ever worked with and I have been in the Commercial Janitorial Business for over 20 years. They're very knowledgeable about their profession and will help you anyway they can. The training I got from Vanguard was second to none and they have various resources that will help you succeed in the Commercial Cleaning Business.

Glenn Day

Google Review

We are very pleased with the service our office receives. I think we've been with Vanguard for 3 years now. A lot of it has to do with the company's cleaning representative - Khalid. He does a very thorough job and sometimes he has to do a little more because we created a bigger mess. =) He is VERY pleasant and professional at all times and we are fond of him as A PERSON and consider him one of our co-workers (that just happens to only come once a week!). GREAT JOB KHALID and Vanguard is lucky to have you as an employee!

Anna Engle

Google Review

We have brought in a new cleaner and she is doing phenomenal. Great improvement from before. I really appreciate her efforts here. Attention to detail is on point. Easiest Service to use that I have in 10 years! They are always available and adjust TO MY NEEDS. By the way, their pricing is exceptional.

Daniel Weeks

Google Review

We are a small business with 24 hour days. We have had many cleaning companies over the past 35 years. I must say that this company is the best. The price was reasonable and the service is excellent. The lady which cleans our office is very detailed and we really know that she has been here. We are truly pleased with our cleaning solution!

Susan Edmondson

Google Review

I would recommend Vanguard Cleaning Systems to any business searching for an excellent janitorial services, because their staff are friendly, courteous and seem to get the job done right.

Theresa Callaghan

Google Review

We've been using this company for years and have never been disappointed. Excellent service and value. Cleaning crew and company are dependable and thorough.

Andrea W

Google Review

We have been using Vanguard for several years for our office cleaning. Our Technician, Richard does a great job and is very dependable. I really like the ongoing communication from Vanguard requesting feedback on customer satisfaction.

Cecilia Brandon

Google Review

Great service!! Great price!!

Brandon Walker

Google Review

We have been using Vanguard since February 2017. They have been very consistent and do an excellent job. They are always friendly, on time, and do what is asked! Our office is much cleaner now and we are very satisfied.

Brianna McDonald

Google Review



Google Review

Good communication, consistent quality work and competitive pricing.

Christina Garcia

Google Review

We hired Vanguard to clean our medical office and they do a fantastic job! The office is spotless every morning!

Sarah Tower

Google Review

Vanguard's staff treats our place of business like their own home. They are thorough and if there is a problem they fix it right away. They care about the job they are doing. They take pride in the work they have done.

Nationwide Industries

Google Review

The cleaning staff is reliable and friendly.

J Carriero

Google Review

Great service, the crew does a great job communicating with our office. The Vanguard office consistently follows up with our office to ensure we are happy with our cleanings.

Sariah Dyke

Google Review

I've been using Vanguard since 2016. The company offers good service and they do a great job of communication and quality assurance.

Tom Carrow

Near perfect Google ranking of 4.9

Google Review

We have had no issues with their cleaning services. The monthly invoices are always on time. The team is all very nice, and make a point to reach out, and are always very accessible. Also, they quoted us a great rate!"

AppleOne Orlando

Google Review

I always dreamt about having my own cleaning business, but I was always afraid of the things that I heard about franchises. I came to Vanguard by pure coincidence. I was in a meeting with another franchise & the franchise gave me the names of their clients and I started calling these clients to see what their experience was with the franchise and a person that I called recommended me Vanguard.

Yudelka Batista

Google Review

Vanguard is one of the most exceptional company in cleaning. I have tried three other companies and Vanguard is one of the best! The staff are friendly,helpful and very supportive in whatever you need. The owners are down-to-earth people willing to sit with you and discuss your goals for your business.

Marcia brown

Google Review

Vanguard Cleaning System performs at the highest quality. Making sure our office is spotless clean for our patients the next day is their priority. I would definitely recommend if you are lookin for a reliable and professional cleaning company.

Glenda Escalante Glenda Escalante

Google Review

Vanguard Cleaning Systems has cleaned our office building since January of 2019 and we have been very pleased with their performance. During the COVID 19 Pandemic they have been especially helpful in providing services and additional resources to ensure cleanliness.

Cyndi Bomstad

Google Review

Things started out a bit rough, but the office personnel were wonderful about working with us to get things right and find the right crew to fit out needs. Since that change everything has been awesome!

EDC Services Group

Google Review

Have never had any issue, great service, responsive when we need extra services, etc. Brittney is awesome!

Alan Wheeler

Google Review

Thank you for your cleaning services - our office is always clean and tidy!

Jessica Pappis

Google Review

We have been using Vanguard for many years to clean 4 of our school campuses. Delroy is our cleaning supervisor, he always makes sure we are 100% happy with our cleaning and goes above and beyond.

Jenna Foley

Google Review

Vanguard by far has been the best cleaning service we have used in the past 5 years! Wish we would have found them first!

Amelia Rodriguez

Google Review

My experience with Vanguard Cleaning has been good, they are responsible and very professional. I recommend them to all

Dayismey Llerena